It's been a pretty busy year and I haven't been posting a lot so, given that I have a few minutes to kill in the airport, I thought I'd make a few notes.

Bev has been working at summer camp for the last 3 weeks near Dalton, GA. Rather than pick her up on Friday and drive her back the 100 miles on Sunday, I decided to camp out with her. It was a nice little camping area on the side of the creek next to the camp where she works. My only complaint was that were a lot of bugs but the fire eventually took care of them.

We went into Summerville on Saturday to see Paradise Gardens. Much as I'd feared from the web site, the gardens were closed for renovations (appears to have been the last 5 years) and from what we could see from the fence was in pretty bad repair. I only hope that the foundation can raise enough money to at least preserve if not completely restore for now. At least Bev got to see the Gardens from the outside and understand a little more about "found object" art.

After that, we went to a thrift store on the way back to the camp. I bought a couple of hardbacks in the series I'm reading and, surprisingly, Bev found a dress for the "dressup" dinner that they have on Thursday night at the camp.

I'm glad that she's gotten into camping now. She even took her Saturday night bath in the creek rather than wait for an actual shower on Sunday at the camp. I guess she has a litttle bit of country in her after all.
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....not dead yet

Somehow the Maynor vacations can never be free of some kind of danger and excitement. A couple of years ago it was me breaking my leg; now Beverly has taken up the mantle and decided to be the daredevil.

We decided to go with some friends to the Florida panhandle at the end of spring break this week - down to a little campground between St Joe and Apalachicola. We got there Wednesday about dusk and my friend Andrea and her son arrived later that night. Thursday blossomed sunny but windy so the boys decided to skip sailing and take the kayak over to St Mark's island. Andrea, the girls and I decided to go for a walk on the beach facing the channel to see what was around.

While Andrea and I walked on the beach the girls were splashing in the waves. A few minutes later, we turned to see that the girls had decided to swim to the island...maybe a couple of hundred yards away but in pretty cold, deep (and supposedly shark-infested) waters. I wasn't too happy about it but my disappointment turned to dismay when I say Bev waving her arms to us from about 3/4 of the way out then the girls started drifting fast to open ocean.

After a couple of minutes we realized that the girls were caught in the outgoing tidal current washing against the island and were being swept past it faster than I could even walk. Andrea headed back to the campsite to try and find the boys and the kayak while I kept a watch on Bev and Ramen getting further and further from shore. When I saw how fast that they were moving I flagged down a couple in a pickup to call 911 and some teenagers to go to the boat launch on the point and find a fisherman with a boat to try and pick them up.

After a seeming eternity, the girls had gotten so far from the beach that I could barely see their 2 heads bobbing in the water and drifting what seemed like a mile downshore from where we started - having to jog sometimes to try and keep them in sight. Even more frightening was the times I lost them entirely, unable to pick their bobbing heads from the breaking waves.

Finally came the sound of a motorboat setting out from the launch. It quickly made its way down shore and I frantically pointed out the girls. THe fishermen went out to the floundering swimmers and pulled them in, quickly bringing the shivering girls to the beach where we bundled them in a beach cart and drove them to the campground office. Beverly seemed fine but her friend Ramen, at 100 pounds of skin and bones, was shivering so badly she could hardly walk or speak with serious signs of dehydration and hypothermia.

At the office, we wrapped her in blankets until the ambulance arrived. The paramedics checked the girls out and found Ramen's body temperature down to 92 degrees but, thankfully, she seemed otherwise OK with no water in her lungs or other injuries. We were just lucky that all the time Bev had spent training on how to deal with a situation like this paid off as she was able to keep her weakly-swimming friend's head above water and almost calm awaiting rescue.*

Eventually, the warm ambulance and blankets got Ramen's body temperature back to normal. Both girls, checked and recovered, walked back to the camp site to sleep most of the rest of the afternoon. By evening, they had recovered and we spent the rest of the weekend joking about what coud have been a disastrous experience. As I pointed out, both girls were now set for school essays for the next 2 years. (Bev, of course, with the real version AND the one where they DID get eaten by sharks.)

The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful except for me possibly breaking a finger (makes it a bit hard to type) and capsizing the sailboat with a few scrapes and bruises Saturday afternoon. I told Andrea not to worry about that - the leg is titanium now and can't break again.

...we're not dead yet.

* I found out later that Bev had once tread water in a pool for 3 1/2 hours on a bet. It would have been nice to have known that while I was freaking out on the beach.
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Life in North Fulton

I was driving home from jury duty areound 12:30 this afternoon when suddenly the Roswell cop a few cars ahead of me pulls into the turn lane on Holcomb Bridge and stops the traffic in both directions. I didn't see him pulling anyone over and there was no wreck - I was wondering WTF when...a mother duck and her duckling go waddling across the highway and into the subdivision next door.
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Got a Marriott Rewards room this morning

I was looking for alternative hotels this morning that I could book via my Marroitt Rewards and the Marquis popped up in my search. I snagged it (although it was showing no Kings avaialable) for Friday through Monday.

Thought I'd post in case anyone else was looking and there might be more available.
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today's deadly sin: envy

I'm about to fly home from 3 days at a sales meeting where there are some very successful people. It seems that the key to success for most of them was to have a small, successful company that you then sell to the company I work for. My dinner companion last night was going on and on about the car he just bought, the Astin-Martin M7 (the Bently had good trunk space but just didn't make the right statement). After dinner I went to the bar where one of the sales managers was sharing a bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1997 with some of his top salespeople.

Being from a small town full of simple people, I find it hard to fathom spending $150,000 for a car or $600 on a bottle of wine. I'm torn between living a simple life and wanting to be one of the "wealthy elite". Envy is one of the deadliest sins...I find that I do much better with gluttony and lust.
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Trouble in Paradise

Beverly was telling me that she witnessed her first fight in her new school today. She was walking down the hall when she heard this boy and girl screaming at each other:

Boy: "You impudent, pompus bitch!!!"
Girl: "Hey - YOU'RE an impudent, pompus bitch!!!"
Boy: "Wait a minute...I said it first!!"
Girl: "Yeah? Well...I said it COOLER!!"
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Back to School

Well - both kids have started in their new schools this week.

Beverly is attending Connected Academy. She's taking Drawing and Painting this quarter (her school does 4, 4 class quarters per year) and really likes it. Her favorite part about the school is the cafeteria so far which is a bit perplexing since the school only has 80 students. My guess is that since the building also houses the North Fulton Teacher's Academy that they upgrade the food for the teachers. She's taking 2 on-line classes this quarter to finish out her 10th grade requirements and will be taking German and Japanese on-line next quarter.

Jay is at Roswell High this semester and finishing out his junior requirements along with German and, surprise, Theatre Technology. He figured he needed something easy to balance the academic load and so far says that the class looks like mostly hammer and nail work. (FWIW, he says that the food sux just like at Centennial).

It's going to be a hectic month in January with new schools, activities and Randy being gone for the next 2 weekends.

Oh - and we bought a new car Sunday...a Nissan Versa as Randy's new commuter car. Small car but good mileage. We're supposed to pick it up tonight.

---end of update--
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At my favoite bar tonight... The Monks Cafe in Philly. I've had a Rodenbach Gran Cru and Chimay draft...I really should wlk back to my hotel now but they have a Kasteel Rouge calling my name

Decisions decisions

Well, one more can't hurt, right? I can always take a taxi but

......Scratch that - went for the Rogue 10th anniversary ale. Nice, kinda a stout. Everything else was mostly cherry juice. Not that anything is wrong with cherry juice...just not my kind of beer.

But YOU know the Belgians.

Having coffee with my old boss in th e morning. It'll be good too catch up.

BTW - nothing on the beer engine at the back bar. VERY bummed by that. One thing I love about this place is real beer.
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An autumn day in Rivermont

After lunch today, I was walking through the living room and happened to look up at some movement in my neighbor's driveway. Standing there, a bit skittish, was a huge doe...come to peck at the persimmons on the small tree at the end of the driveway. I minute later, I saw 2 fawns wander up from the cove and join her as she browsed for late summer nibbles. She decided to give up on the persimmons after a couple of minutes and go to the wooded island nearer the road where the fawns started to suckle her (they were big for that, I thought, having lost most of their spots but what I do know about deer?). She and they ran off when a car drove by and slowed down at the sight.

It's not often you see deer in broad daylight in my neoghborhood. I guess the season and the drought may be bringing them out in the daytime looking for food. Neither she nor the doe seemed undernurished so they are probably still finding plenty. I hope they do as well through the winter.
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